Tile installer


Responsibilities & Duties

This position requires a professional, detail oriented, and organized, craftsman/woman that will be able to work individually and with a team of people.

The Tile Installer (TI) will work with the production department at Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design - focusing mainly on the installation of projects under the direct supervision of the Lead Carpenter (LC) and/or the Project Manager (PM) responsible for the project. It will be the TI’s responsibility to insure that the craftsmanship of their work exceed the client’s expectations in every avenue, to help with the and installation of projects that go into production and ensure the project is completed on time, on budget, and with a delighted client to ensure the stability and future of Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.

General Responsibilities

The TI is responsible for the execution all installation activities related to the actual building and renovation of jobs assigned to them by the PM and LC. The TI with the help of the LC and PM assists in coordinating the materials and installation needed for the execution of the project. The responsibility includes maintaining a clean and safe jobsite, and customer satisfaction throughout the job through their craftsmanship and proper communication with the client whether it is directly or through the LC and PM. This is an hourly position with bonuses, with a 35-45-hour work week standard. Tile Installers can also opt for per project contract price if desired instead of the hourly pay as their compensation.

Specific Duties

1. When assigned to a project with an LC or PM, the TI will perform the specific tasks required by the LC and PM with or without direct supervision of the LC or PM.
2. Prior to the start of work, the LC or PM will work together with TI and explain the scope of work and how the LC or PM would like the work to be executed. This may include (but not limited to) different demolition tasks, proper waterproofing of showers, and tile work.
3. The TI is responsible for ensuring that communication between Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design, and the customer are being maintained. Daily communication with all involved is required to ensure smooth production if the LC is not present. All transactions will be documented in Buildertrend.
4. The TI will ensure that if additional work is required outside the original scope of work, the LC or PM are notified so they can execute the necessary change order with the client.
5. The TI will notify the LC or the PM the schedule and percent complete daily. He/she will communicate to the LC the amount of time needed to complete the project weekly so the LC can schedule accordingly.
6. The TI, while doing quality work, completes all tasks within the budgeted time that Production has allotted for their task and notifies the LC if the budgeted time is not reasonable.
7. The TI will help our Director of Production develop standardized methods of installation to ensure consistent craftmanship through-out the company including training and Apprentices.
8. The TI will be required to attend continuing education seminars and training. Some will be out of state and require air travel and overnight stays. All required training will be paid for by the Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.
9. Any other duties as assigned by the Director of Production.
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