Design Admin Assistant


Responsibilities & Duties

This position requires a professional, detail oriented, and organized person that will be able to work individually and with a team of people.

The Design/Admin Assistant (DAA) will work with the sales/design and admin department at Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design - focusing mainly on assisting our General Manager and Lead Designer and will be under their direct supervision. It will be the DAA’s responsibility to help clients as they enter the showroom, take in-coming calls from clients, vendors, etc. and to help with the organization of the showroom and any files and paperwork to ensure the stability and future of Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.

General Responsibilities

The DAA is responsible for assisting with the execution of all pre-production activities for potential clients. The DAA, with the help of the Designers and Marketing Assistant will assist clients at our showroom as they come in, schedule design consultations, and answer in-coming calls to direct them to the correct department. The General Manager may also ask the DAA to enter data, record transactions, and file paperwork. This is an hourly position with bonuses (for full time staff only) with a 35-45-hour work week standard for full time and 20-30-hour work week standard for part time.

Specific Duties

  1. The DAA is the first impression our potential clients often get of our company since they are responsible for answering the phones and greeting clients as they walk-in. It is always important for the DAA to keep a clean and well-kept appearance while at work.
  2. Assist clients in our showroom with product selection and answer any questions they may have regarding products and services offered by Southern Maryland Kitchen, Bath, Floors & Design, If there is a question that the DAA cannot answer, they will direct them to the proper person or get their contact info while they research and gather the information needed to answer the client’s question.
  3. As needed, the DAA will schedule design consultations with potential clients for the designers to visit. This includes following up on requests from the website or other internet lead generation sources.
  4. With the help of the Marketing Assistant, or as needed, the DAA sends out the design consultation questionnaire to potential clients prior to the design consultation.
  5. Calls to confirm appointments for the designer will be completed by the DAA with enough time for the designers to prepare for their appointment.
  6. Proper paperwork for the designers for different meetings and appointments should be prepared by the DAA.
  7. When meeting with clients, the DAA may be asked to provide general pricing for projects or specific pricing for materials. If clients come into the showroom with their own measurements and a designer is not available to help, the DAA can enter a quote into Quickbooks for the client. Any quotes by the DAA will be pending a Designer’s approval.
  8. All client interactions will be logged into the Buildertrend Portal by the DAA.
  9. The DAA will assist the sales/design team maintain the showroom including help with cleaning the displays, vignettes, bathrooms, and flooring.
  10. Assist the sales/design team with client binders after the construction contract is executed.
  11. Assist the General Manager with archiving essential project documentation for historical records and data entry.
  12. Any other duties as assigned by the General Manager and Lead Designer.
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