3 Remodeling Resolutions to Usher in a Successful and Happy 2018

3 Remodeling Resolutions to Usher in a Successful and Happy 2018

It’s easy for someone to verbalize a stereotypical New Year’s resolution.

We all do it every single year and tell ourselves, “this will be the year that I accomplish (insert resolution)!”. The best way to defend against those empty promises is to really invest in that resolution. Nothing worth doing is ever easy or fast. That same value goes with our pesky New Year’s resolutions. If the result of the resolution is not something worth it to us individually, why bother?

A New Year’s resolution we run into quite often here at Southern Maryland Kitchen, Bath, Floors & Design is that our customers want to be more organized in the coming year. And honestly, who doesn’t? Whether it comes to being more organized in the kitchen department or the closet department, it is such a freeing feeling to have a place for everything. Have you ever been late to work because you can’t find the shoes you’re looking for? Believe me, I’ve been there (more times than I care to admit). Now, imagine… a custom closet that has a place for all your clothing articles because your thoughtful designer counted all of your dresses, suits, purses, shoes, ties, pants, etc. and how you like to organize them. A beautiful and functional place to keep all my clothes and shoes and what nots? I’m in.

Now on the other hand, kitchen organization can (and usually is) a higher priority than a custom closet because a kitchen is often referred to as the “hub” of a family home. You want to make sure you have place for all of the pots, pans, utentsils, even a junk drawer so counters don’t become cluttered. If you’re anything like me, I have coffee pots and blenders and other small appliances that maybe overestimate the word “small”. Those appliances just eat up countertop space and can make a little amount of clutter look like a tornado slammed through your kitchen. Nowadays there are so many storage solution options when it comes to cabinetry in the kitchen. Cabinet boxes that were designed to hold spaghetti pots or, my favorite currently, a cabinet box designed to house the precious yet cumbersome Kitchen-aid mixer (unless you have one of the new pastel colored Kitchen-aids then leave that out on display because those are beautiful). From two-tiered cutlery dividers to entire tables that can be hidden in a cabinet, a kitchen remodel can make it almost too easy to stick with your New Year’s resolution of getting organized.

A final idea to consider when compiling your (seemingly ever-growing) list of resolutions for 2018, is how something as simple as some kitchen renovating in your home can easily bring a number of your New Year’s resolutions to, dare I say…a resolve.

Another year circling around this Earth makes us little humans think about how small we really are and how important our relationships are. An extremely popular resolution is spending more time with loved ones and cherishing “family time”. As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen is a popular place in any home. It’s such a central location that also serves important functions. Giving the kitchen some spatial thought with communal activity in mind can give you a kitchen design that embodies the whole idea of family time, making the resolution an afterthought because a simple idea of a kitchen remodel created that space where those interactions could easily proper. And with food? Heck yes.

This actually brings me to my last point on how a kitchen remodel can change your 2018 for the best. Americans eat out so much. In a recent Zagat survey on American eating trends, the national average of eating out came to 4.5 times a week, not even including breakfast (good thing because I’m not even going to divulge how often this girl brunches out). The cost of eating out that much definitely adds up very fast. How much more inclined would you be to cook if you had a kitchen designed around your own cooking habits with a personal aesthetic? I know I’m asking for a lot of imagining in this post but bear with me. Imagine a kitchen that flows with your house style and colors, this kitchen has the perfect amount of functionality you need because it was designed around your “power spot”, and the layout coupled with the finish hues create an air of calm and ease. A kitchen remodel pays for itself in that aspect compared to the added prices for eating out. I’m going to throw another added bonus resolution in there, weight loss! If you have a beautiful kitchen that makes it easy to get cooking, making healthy meals will be a breeze.

The verbal promises we make to ourselves at the start of every new year always seem so unattainable and foreboding; and if you don’t invest in these promises (monetarily or physically) than of course they will be unattainable. But if you think outside the box and invest some time and elbow grease, you will no doubt kick your resolution’s butt and make 2018 your year.

If you want a little help getting your New Year’s resolutions to come to fruition, give us at Southern Maryland Kitchen, Bath, Floors & Design a call. We offer completely free, no obligation design consultations that get your project going on the right foot with the right people. Our showroom number is 301-866-0337, or you can visit us online at www.SoMDKitchenBathFloors.com. Have a fun and safe New Year 2018!