Warehouse manager


Responsibilities & Duties

This position requires a professional, detail oriented, and organized, individual that will be able to work individually with little to no direction; while at the same time taking assignments from multiple departments.

The Warehouse Manager (WM) will work with multiple departments at Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design, focusing mainly on the materials needed for production and it will be the WM’s responsibility to ensure that the materials needed for the production of the projects exceed the client’s expectations in every avenue and to help the estimating, design and sales department in pricing materials for projects that go into production for proper profit margins to ensure the stability and future of Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.

General Responsibilities

The WM is responsible for procuring, tracking, and coordinating the deliveries of all materials related to the actual building and renovation of jobs sold by the sales department as assigned to him/her by the Director of Production. They are responsible for working with the Project Manager (PM) and/or Lead Carpenter (LC) assigned to the project in getting the necessary materials that take a project from inception to completion. The WM, with the help of the PM and LC that gets assigned to a project coordinates all materials. WM manages a warehouse associate, some apprentices/laborers, a 2,000-sf warehouse with the inventory within it and procures and coordinates material deliveries for 100-200 projects per year. The responsibility includes maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the job through their timely ordering and delivery of product to our carious installation crews. This is a salaried position with bonuses and 40-50-hour work week standard, with longer weeks occasionally required based on workload.


Specific Duties

  1. Once a job has been sold, the WM will review and accept the binder from Director of Production for ordering. He/she will then assist in helping set up the materials needed for the job, ready for construction. This will include doing an inventory on materials needed no less than two weeks prior to the start of the project, coordinating the delivery of special long-lead items and material lists from the PM and/or LC, reviewing purchase orders, and negotiating prices with vendors/suppliers as needed.
  2. Prior to the start of work, the WM will work together with the Director of Production, Designer, PM, and LC to debug the job, ensuring that all specifications and material selections have been reviewed and ordered.
  3. The WM is responsible for ensuring that communication between Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design and the client is maintained as it pertains to the materials that are needed to produce the project. Daily communication with all involved is required to ensure smooth production. All transactions will be documented in Buildertrend.
  4. The WM will update the schedule after working with the PM and LC for any deliveries needed to be made weekly. He/she will submit to the Director of Production a monthly production WIP report including outstanding materials still needed on each job to properly estimate the gross profit for each project.
  5. WM will use a company owned vehicle and gas card to be used solely for deliveries for Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design. Any damage to company property due to negligence will be the responsibility of the WM. All associated maintenance of those vehicles and other fleet vehicles will be the WM’s responsibility at the cost of Southern MD Kitchen Bath, Floors & Design.
  6. The WM will work with sales/design as needed with material questions, including, but not limited to pricing questions, logistics, timing and available inventory. Additionally, the WM will assist sales/design with showroom displays/maintenance and the set-up/breakdown (requires Sunday work) of 4-6 “home and garden” shows per year.
  7. Weekly meetings must be conducted, and constant communication kept between the WM and Director of Production. This will ensure all parties are prepared for the current and future tasks and any problems are averted/foreseen, so they can be ironed out before they escalate into fires.
  8. The WM is accountable for checking materials delivered against the purchase order and submit to our Lead Office Administrator for payment to the vendor/supplier.
  9. The WM is responsible for the collection of progress payments from the customer on a timely basis with the Director of Production when they deliver material if needed.
  10. The WM keeps a job cost folder and checks on whether actual costs are exceeding estimated costs for materials. He/she will inform the sales department and/or the Director of Production if any items need to be changed in the estimating process to avoid future discrepancies or slippage.
  11. Proper level of inventory of tools and stock items need to be maintained by the WM to ensure that the proper tools and stocked materials are available when needed by the installation team.
  12. The WM will help our Director of Production develop standardized products and systems and develop a relationship with suppliers in every category. This will be a strategic brand partnership and will include training and technical support, as well as pricing and delivery.
  13. The WM will be required to attend continuing education seminars and training. Some will be out of state and require air travel and overnight stays. All required training will be paid for by the Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.
  14. Any other duties as assigned by the Director of Production.
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