Entry level warehouse driver


Responsibilities & Duties

This position requires a professional, detail oriented, and organized, individual that will be able to work individually; while at the same time taking assignments from multiple departments.

The Warehouse Driver (WD) will work with multiple departments at Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design, focusing mainly on the materials needed for production and it will be the WD’s responsibility to assist the Warehouse Manager (WM) prepare and deliver the materials needed for the production of the projects to exceed the client’s expectations in every avenue to ensure the stability and future of Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.

General Responsibilities

WD helps assist the WM in managing a 2,000-sf warehouse with the inventory within it and delivers materials and pick up demolition debris for 100-200 projects per year. The responsibility includes maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the job through their timely ordering and delivery of product to our carious installation crews and helping keep jobsites clean and safe. Occasionally, the WD will assist our different installation crews as a laborer when needed. This is an hourly position with bonuses and 35-45-hour work week standard, with longer weeks occasionally required based on workload.


Specific Duties

  1. The WD will assist the Warehouse Manager maintain the warehouse and assist in material deliveries to jobsites as needed including picking up materials from different suppliers and tracking the location of materials received.
  2. The WD will pick up demolition and construction debris at the jobsites as directed by the WM and PM.
  3. WD will use a company owned vehicle and gas card to be used solely for deliveries for Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design including a box truck. The WD will need to pass a DOT physical or have a current DOT medical card. Any damage to company property due to negligence will be the responsibility of the WD. All associated maintenance of those vehicles and other fleet vehicles will be the WD’s responsibility at the cost of Southern MD Kitchen Bath, Floors & Design.
  4. When assigned to assist in the production of a project with a Lead Carpenter (LC) or other Carpenter/Installer (C/I), the WD will perform the specific tasks required by the LC and C/I under their direct supervision.
  5. The WD will assist sales/design with showroom displays/maintenance and the set-up/breakdown (requires Sunday work) of 4-6 “home and garden” shows per year as directed by the WM.
  6. From time to time, the WD will assist the sales/design team maintain the showroom including help with cleaning the displays, vignettes, bathrooms, and flooring.
  7. The WD is accountable for helping check materials delivered against the delivery ticket order and submit to our WM. When deliveries are made, proper documentation needs to be submitted to the WM after the delivery.
  8. The WD is responsible for the collection of progress payments from the customer on a timely basis as directed by the WM and the Director of Production when they deliver material if needed.
  9. The WD will be required to attend continuing education seminars and training. Some will be out of state and require air travel and overnight stays. All required training will be paid for by the Southern MD Kitchen, Bath, Floors, & Design.
  10. Any other duties as assigned by the Director of Production.
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